Lucky Birthstones


The birthstone legend start in the Bible book with Aaron and his plastron, a religious garment set with twelve precious stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

In fact the connection began with the astrological speculation, it was in first century and after in fifth century people make the connection between the twelve stones of the plastron and the twelve zodiac signs.

They thought in this time like each gemstone had special powers associated with the astrological sign for, and  wear the stone at the right time would have talismanic or therapeutic benefits

Actually, birthstones are gems stones which are associated with the birth month of the people.

There were believed to bring good luck and health to the wearer.

Birthstone is a ideal gift to people.


Garnet , rose  quartz  , coral



Amethyst , onyx

 “protective  against strife”


 Aquamarine , blood stone , tourmaline

 “ true  love  and happiness”


 Diamond , crystal , sapphire , zirconia

“success  in  love “


Emerald , jade

 “love  and  policy”


 Moon stone , perle  , alexandrite

 “long  life  and  prosperty”


Carnelian , ruby , star ruby  

 “piece  of  mind  and  virtune”


 Peridot , moonstone , onyx



 Sapphire  , cat’s  eye , lapis lazuli

 “ Joy  freedom  from  sadness”


 Opal , tourmaline , aquamarine 

 “ health  and  wealth”


Topaz , citrine , tiger eye

“friendship  and   help”


Turquoise , lapis lazuli , kyanite

“ success  in   life”